Fral FDHE402 (96 ltr/day)

Fral FDHE402 (96 ltr/day)

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This “special” dehumidifier has been designed by the engineers at FRAL to operate down to as low as 25% with an energy saving of between 30% and 50% on conventional dehumidifiers. This dehumidifier operates with a unique heat recovery system and this is one of the reasons these figures can be achieved.


Product Description

  • Sensible heat recovery system
  • 30% to 50% energy saving
  • Low humidity (25%) working range
  • Two pivoting and two fixed wheels
  • Zinc plated and powder-coated sturdy frame
  • Ecologic gas R407c
  • Continuous drainage pipe
  • Condensed water lifting pump (optional)
  • Special defrosting device with electronic and thermostatic control (optional)
  • Automatic humidistat
  • Centrifugal fan motor – ductable over short distances
  • Power supply 220-240V 50Hz


Warranty: 2 years

Power Consumption (at 20˚C, 60% rh) 700 w
Power Consumption (at 32˚C, 90% rh) 950 w
Absorbed Current (at 35˚C, 95% rh) standard ver. 4.4 A
Locked Rotor Current LRA 20 A
Air Flow 1000 cm/h
Noise level (at 3 meters) 54 dB
Refrigerant R410c
Hot Gas Defrost System (optional)
Continuous Drainage Pipe (male) 19mm
Temperature Range standard version 7-35˚ C
Relative Humidity Range 30-98%
Weight 52 kg
Dimensions w x h x d 66cm x 71cm x 35.5cm


15˚C40% 15˚C50% 15˚C60% 20˚C40% 20˚C60% 25˚C40% 25˚C60% 30˚C40% 30˚C80% 32˚C90%
18 l/d 22 l/d 31 l/d 22 l/d 38 l/d 28 l/d 46 l/d 28 l/d 75 l/d 96 l/d



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