Fral FDK 44


A smaller version of our workhorse the FDK 100. This robust and reliable dehumidifier can extract up to 44 litres per day. Typical uses are in smaller warehouses, greenhouses, and galleries. They are also often installed in crawl spaces and sub floors.


Product Description


  • Copper tube with aluminium finned evaporator and condenser
  • Four adjustable feet
  • Automatic humidistat
  • Two strong handles
  • Low energy consumption
  • Zinc plated and powder-coated sturdy frame
  • Fittings for continuous drainage pipe connection
  • Lifting pump (optional)
  • Power supply 220-240V 50Hz

Warranty: 2 years

10˚C 60%
8 l/d
10˚C 80%
13 l/d
15˚C 60%
10 l/d
15˚C 80%
16 l/d
20˚C 60%
14 l/d
20˚C 80%
18 l/d
25˚C 60%
16 l/d
25˚C 80%
25 l/d
27˚C 65%
21 l/d
27˚C 80%
27 l/d
30˚C 80%
36 l/d
32˚C 90%
44 l/d


Power Consumption (at 20˚C, 60% rh) 530 w
Power Consumption (at 35˚C, 95% rh) 780 w
Absorbed Current (at 35˚C, 95% rh) standard ver. 7.2 A
Locked Rotor Current LRA 30 A
Air Flow  450cm/h
Noise level (at 3 meters) 51 dB
Refrigerant R410a
Standard Defrosting Control System Electronic
Hot Gas Defrosting Control System (optional) Electronic thermostat
Continuous Drainage Pipe (male) 19mm
Temperature Range standard version 7-35˚ C
Temperature Range (hot gas defrost) 1-35˚C
Relative Humidity Range 35-90%
Condensation Capacity (at 30˚C, 80% rh) 34 l/24 hr
Condensation Capacity (at 32˚C, 90% rh) 44 l/24 hr
Weight 34 kg
Dimension 35cm  x 42cm  x 58cm



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