Fral FDNF96 (96 ltr/day)

Fral FDNF96 (96 ltr/day)


Built to legendary European standards, this strong, robust dehumidifier is the preferred workhorse in a multitude of commercial situations.  The hot gas defrosting device allows this unit to function in extreme temperatures and works down to 1˚C.  When fitted with a lifting pump it becomes adaptable to various situations.  The smoother non-finned tube evaporator promises a longer life.

This commercial dehumidifier extracts massive volumes of water, day in – day out and will give years of trouble free performance.

We have sold this model into mining sites, electronic control rooms, indoor swimming pools, commercial agricultural operations and large warehouses.  This machine has been a grand performer in our very own Water Damage Restoration service.


Product Description

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  • Hot gas defrosting device with electronic and thermostatic control
  • Water lifting pump or condensed water reservoir
  • Zinc plated and powder coated sturdy metal frame
  • Non finned tube evaporator for longer life
  • Four pivoting wheels
  • Strong handles on two sides
  • Fittings for continuous drainage pipe connection
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automatic humidistat
  • Hours counter
  • Ecologic gas R134a
  • Power supply 220-240V 50Hz


Fral FDNF various views


Warranty:  2 years


18 l/d 26 l/d 24 l/d 37 l/d 30 l/d 45 l/d 36 l/d 52 l/d 45 l/d 56 l/d 80 l/d 96 l/d






Case Studies:

Mallee Physio (Physiotherapy Centre):  Swan Hill, Victoria – FRAL FDNF 96


Greg O’Bree, Manager, contacted Moisture Cure looking for a solution to keep the humidity and condensation at a satisfactory level.  Mallee PhysioThe heated treatment pool and spa, plus the moisture created by his growing number of clients were reacting with cold surfaces within the complex and the resulting condensation was causing operating problems.  Excess humidity and the resulting condensation can encourage unsightly mould growth, play havoc with computers and electrical equipment and encourage rust to begin eating away at the building structure.


After discussing factors relating to the area involved and the number of customers in the centre at any one time; reviewing images to determine where the equipment should be installed, Moisture Cure recommended the FRAL FDNF 96 portable commercial dehumidifier.  This unit is functional, has strong powder-coating and galvanised construction and is user friendly.

Mallee Physio comments:

Greg and Anne were very happy with the outcome.  They are currently finishing off a brand new physiotherapy centre in Bendigo and have decided to install two FRAL FDNF 96 dehumidifiers from day one.

Brown & Hurley “The Big Truck People”: Coffs Harbour, New South Wales – Fral FDNF96


When local trucking magnate Doug Hurley decided he needed to do something about his shed where he stored his prized men’s toys, Brown and Hurleyhe looked no further than Moisture Cure. With Doug’s trucking background he knew exactly what mould and condensation can do to motor bikes, valuable muscle cars and other boys toy’s.


After consultation Moisture Cure recommended the FRAL FDNF 96, a powerful, reliable commercial dehumidifier capable of extracting up to 96 litres per day. The FRAL FDNF 96 is the most powerful model in the FDNF series.

Other models in this series are the FDNF 33, 44 and 62, all of which are stocked by Moisture Cure.

This series of small to medium capacity dehumidifiers are used in a variety of situations including storage and ware housing, manufacturing, museums and archive storage, military installations including armouries, commercial and domestic agriculture, the mining industry including electrical control rooms and I.T. facilities. These are tough, multipurpose machines, simple to operate, fully adjustable humidity controls and are guaranteed to give years of reliable operations in a variety of situations.

Doug’s comments:

Bob from Moisture Cure listened to what I was trying to achieve and recommended the FRAL FDNF 96 commercial portable dehumidifier. The price was good and he even personally delivered.  Great service Moisture Cure.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”Specification” tab_id=”1479718775738-c7fdacad-23b76b12-f3aef9f4-6ee0″][vc_column_text]TECHNICAL DATA

Power Consumption (at 20˚C, 60% rh) 980 w
Power Consumption (at 35˚C, 95% rh) 1350 w
Absorbed Current (at 35˚C, 95% rh) standard ver. 7.2 A
Locked Rotor Current LRA 29
Air Flow 1000 cm/h
Noise level (at 3 meters) 52 dB
Refrigerant R134a
Standard Defrosting Control System Electronic
Hot Gas Defrosting Control System (optional) Electronic thermostat
Water Tank Capacity 15 kg
Continuous Drainage Pipe Connection 25mm
Temperature Range standard version 7-35˚ C
Temperature Range (hot gas defrosting system) 1-35˚C
Relative Humidity Range 35-99%
Condensation Capacity (at 30˚C, 80% rh) 80 l/24 hr
Condensation Capacity (at 32˚C, 90% rh) 96 l/24 hr
Weight 52 kg
Dimensions 90cm x 55cm x 41cm















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