RY1200M (204 litres per day)

RY1200M (204 litres per day)

Price on Application

RY1200M is suitable for very cold or hot areas or areas requiring extremely low humidity percentage or dew point.  When you choose this desiccant dehumidifier, you can buy and install with confidence.

The desiccant wheel itself is made of quality silica gel material, which is very good at absorbing water vapour.

The air flow, wheel transmission and wheel rotation speed are optimized by technicians during manufacture.  This cutting edge technology is used to ensure maximum efficiency of air distribution, air balance and dehumidifying capacity.


Product Description

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  • CNC machining structure process
  • Efficient absorption silica gel wheel
  • Control noise damping and shock absorption
  • Industrial flange for easy operation
  • Circuit breaker incorporated to minimize damage at high temperatures for electrical motor; heater and the drive wheel
  • Leakage protection safeguard for electrical motor; heater and the drive wheel
  • Unique seal design; Reduces air leakage
  • Dynamic balance design, ensures stable operation while moving
  • Able to operate in a wide range of temperatures from -20˚C + 50˚C heat
  • The design is in line with the requirements of IEC protection Class IP44
  • Electrical design in accordance with international standards EN60204

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Dehumidification capacity (@ 20˚C, 60%) 8.50 kg/hr : 204 ltr p/day
Dehumidification capacity (@ 30˚C, 80%) 9.50 kg/hr 
Process air flow 1250 m³/hr
Static pressure at disposal  200 PA
Reactivation air flow 450 m³/hr
Operating temperature range -20˚C  up to 50˚C
Input power 1120 KW
Heater current  20 A
Voltage 3 phase 380 V/60 Hz
Maximum electric consumption 13.0 KW
Current 22 A
Noise  80 Db
Weight 185 kg
Certification CE

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