FRAL Refrigerant Dehumidifier FSW63

  • Pump for lifting condensed water
  • Two speed fan
  • Digital control of humidity and defrost
  • Digital display
  • Protection IPX22
  • Low noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Rotary compressor
  • Power supply 220-240V 50Hz


Specification Sheet (PDF)

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Product Information

This is the latest addition to the Fral “Corrosive Environment” range.  These  specialised dehumidifiers can handle the toughest conditions including heated indoor swimming pools; scientific laboratories; manufacturing facilities and basically anywhere corrosive elements are present.

Elegant lines, quiet and powerful, these commercial dehumidifiers carry the Fral name with pride.

Warranty:  2 years

Power Consumption (at 27˚C, 65% rh) 700 w
Power Consumption (at 35˚C, 95% rh) 950 w
Absorbed Current (at 35˚C, 95% rh)   standard ver. 4.4 A
Start Current Full Load Amp 20 A
Air Flow 600 cm/h
Noise level (at 3 meters) 49 dB
Refrigerant R407c
Defrosting Control Electronic
Continuous Drainage Pipe (male) 19mm
Temperature Range standard version 7-35˚ C
Relative Humidity Range 45-99%
Condensation Capacity (at 26˚C, 60%   rh) 52 l/24 hr
Condensation Capacity (at 32˚C, 90%   rh) 63 l/24 hr
Weight 48 kg
Dimensions 78cm x 68cm x 25cm



10˚C60% 10˚C80% 15˚C60% 15˚C80% 20˚C60% 20˚C80% 25˚C60% 25˚C80% 27˚C65% 27˚C80% 30˚C80% 32˚C90%
10 l/d 18 l/d 15 l/d 23 l/d 20 l/d 28 l/d 25 l/d 35 l/d 28 l/d 39 l/d 52 l/d 63 l/d


All FSW units are made from galvanised thick sheet metal, painted with polyurethane powder enamel at 180°C to ensure the best resistance against the atmospheric agents. The frame is self supporting


The refrigerant gas used in these units is R410a. The refrigerant circuit is made in according to ISO 97/23 concerning welding procedures and PED regulation.

The refrigerant circuit includes:

· Filter drier

· Schrader valves form maintenance and control

· Capillary expansion

· Compressor


It consists of copper tubes mechanically expanded into aluminium or copper fins provided with full collars that allow their regular spacing. The best heat transmission is guaranteed by the fin collars that completely cover the tubes.


They are manufactured by high precision pressing of aluminium, aluminium epoxy painted, copper or pretinned copper sheets. The fin shape is slightly corrugated in order to improve the heat exchange transmission coefficient without heavily affecting the air pressure drop. Furthermore a good water draining is assures and the inside dust accumulation is avoided.


For the heat exchangers high quality copper tubes are used. The tubes are suitable for the majority of the primary refrigerants in both cold and warm working conditions.


The compressor is rotative type.

The characteristics of the compressor are the follow:

1. High efficiency for saving energy consumption

2. Low sound level, quiet operation

3. Applied HFC refrigerant for protecting environment

4. High reliability, long lifetime.


Centrifugal fan type.


Absolute care must be taken to ensure adequate air volume to the air intake and fan discharge, and to avoid air recirculation through the unit that will deeply reduce its performances.

For these reasons it is necessary to observe the following – Air filter suction side: 1 metre min. – Top side: 1 metre min FOR USE IN SWIMMING POOLS KEEP DISTANCES FROM WATER ACCORDING WITH SAFETY NORMS (MACHINE IS IPX0)



To mount the machine on the wall, there are two holes behind the machine that can be used for hanging the machine with the correct screws for the support of the machine.



(1) Unscrew casing screws
(2) Remove casing
(3) Spin condensation pipe
(4) Remove plastic cover
(5) Connect power and remote humidistat wires



The electronic board installed on the model FSW63 is connected directly to the power outlet of the machine.

It is equipped with three temperature probes and a humidistat.

The electronic control unit, by means humidistat that measures the relative humidity in the environment, makes the machine works in order to achieve the degree of humidity wanted.

When the temperature reached by the finned coil is too low the electronic control unit starts a defrost cycle to melt the ice formed in the finned coil.

This unit is programmed to stop the dehumidifier if the temperature drops below 4.5 ° C.


Units are provided with signalling light panel that indicates unit operational status. Below is reported a brief description of their meaning.



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