About Moisture Cure

Moisture Cure Commercial is a specialist provider of Industrial & Commercial Dehumidifiers, both desiccant and refrigerant, and large capacity humidifiers.

With many years’ experience in the business, we pride ourselves in offering our customers up-to-date research and modern equipment and a high quality service.

The knowledge and experience we have gained has placed us in a position of confidence to offer advice, technical information, options and solutions for many problems in a variety of situations, including mining, military and manufacturing industries; universities; museums; libraries; gymnasiums and other sporting complexes, indoor aquatic centres; rural and agricultural processes; storage facilities and portable accommodations.

Our suppliers have more than 25 years of history and are still constantly expanding in an aggressive and competitive global market.

The Main features of all our products are:

  • Versatility of models – also with low consumption
  • Silent and efficient working – also at very low humidity and temperature
  • Elegant design – also with durability

The focus on design is perfectly combined with the research on reliability and durability.

Moisture Cure Shop Front

Ask Us About Our Dehumidifiers

Our team are experts in all things humidity and are happy to assist in selecting the correct model(s) for your application.